November 24, 2009

Grow Up!

Growth rarely happens on accident. It's intentional effort that produces results over time. Not glamorous, but grueling. You have to be willing to experience pain and visit the unknown to get to the next level. Here are 3 ways to approach personal growth:

1) Growth is uncomfortable. In order for most plants to reach their potential, they must be pruned. Similarly, we have to be willing to push ourselves even when we don't feel like it to get where we desire to go.

2) Development is a long-term investment. Instant gratification never produces long- lasting results. For example, individual coaching teaches good habits. Habits take 6 weeks to form, but 6 months to last. If you want permanent change, be willing to work with a coach for at least 6 months to reach your goals.

3) Be Driven. Successful people find ways to stay motivated. Outside sources help, but ultimately it's your responsibility. Do you want it bad? Are you willing to sacrifice? Ready to be great? If you answered "yes" to the following questions, it's your time NOW.

Are you ready to start Growing Forward?

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November 17, 2009

What is Maximum Efficiency?

At Growing Forward Coaching, we offer Maximum Efficiency to our clients. Come learn the 3 ways how to Do Less and Gain More:

"Efficiency is doing better what is already being done." - Peter Drucker

Less Distractions, More Focus: Prioritizing is spending time on the most important things. We get distracted when we don't have a defined target. Coaching helps you create S.M.A.R.T. goals, then keeps you accountable for reaching them. That's laser-like focus.

Less Dwelling on Weaknesses, More Developing Strengths: It's human nature to think about what we can improve about ourselves. Stop comparing yourself to others and start developing your natural strengths! Coaching identifies and utilizes your strengths as the "tools" to accomplish your goals!

Less Self-Doubt, More Self-Confidence: Doubt, like fear are both illusions. Confidence is built when your goals set are achieved. Once you start the process, it becomes momentum that keeps rolling down the hill. Coaching builds your confidence over time by showing what you CAN do.

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November 10, 2009

Does your Brand POP?

No matter what you do for a living, you are a brand. Sam Horn, author of POP! Create the Perfect Pitch, Title, and Tagline for Anything, asks the question, “Do you stand out?” Let’s look at 3 ways to accurately describe you and leave a positive impression on others:

P – Purpose: Ask yourself these questions, Who am I? What am I offering? Why should people listen to me? When people are clear about your purpose, they can decide to take action.

O – Original
: Write down some core words that distinguish you. What is unique about you? What makes you stand out? “You’ve got to be original. If you’re like everybody else, what do they need you for?” – Bernadette Peters

P – Pithy
: Be concise and precise. Don’t waste words. Sam Horn suggests using 7 or less. Use alliteration, inflection and rhyme to create a memorable sound bite. Your message has to flow musically.

Clarity and brevity is key to effective communication. Working on your slogan is a continual process. For example, “Start going forward with Growing Forward!” It’s a work in progress, but the fun is in the challenge and the journey. Does your Brand POP?!

November 4, 2009

Behind the Scenes

When we think about leadership, we don't naturally envision "behind the scenes." Yet, true leadership doesn't always attract the spotlight or notoriety. It's quietly going about the process and bringing people with you along the way...

1) Focus on Results: Don't seek the credit. If you take a leadership role for the recognition, you're doing it for the wrong reason. Focus on getting the job done; appreciation will usually follow.

2) Empower Others: Don't micromanage. If you recruit people to do a task, give them guidelines and support, then get out of their way. Leaders need followers more than the other way around.

3) Model Hard Work: Don't tell people what to do, do it with them. Showing is more powerful than telling. Actions speak louder than words.

Security comes from knowing you've done your best. Leadership is about getting things done through people. Are you willing to lead behind the scenes?