June 7, 2010

A Lesson in Recession

"No thanks", "We're not hiring" or "Sorry, but you're overqualified" Are you as tired of hearing that as I am?
Despite the hardships, what can I learn?
Be Humble
Success breeds complacency. Since most of us haven't experienced that lately, it keeps you humble. Learn to be thankful for what and who you have. Lean times force us to value what's important.
Be Resilient
Rejection happens. Deal with it. You're going to get knocked down, so learn to get back up. Continue doing the right things and results will follow. Fighters never quit.
Be Persistent
Stay the course. The easy thing is to jump ship, but the strong keep paddling. Down times test our resolve. It's those who stay in front of us consistently that we end up hiring or buying from (see commercials). People need to be reminded gently that you want it bad.
Whether you're a job seeker, entrepreneur or worker things will get better! After it's over, how will you say you weathered the storm?
What are some tactics that have helped you cope with the recession?

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