August 8, 2011

The Applicant and the 3 Resume Piles

Have you ever wondered what your chances of landing a job are when applying? As an applicant, there are 3 piles your application/resume can fall into. Based on what category you're in, determines your chances of getting hired. Let's take a deeper look:

Pile #1: Not Qualified - You lack the experience and educational requirements for the position. Once you apply, you're hoping for a shot, but you really don't stand a chance. You never hear back from the employer because they saw your lack of qualifications and threw your application and resume away. 
Chances of landing the job: 0 - 5%

Pile #2: Qualified - You meet the experience and education requirements for the job. Most applications fall into this category. You're looking for a position that fits your current background. Your resume is impressive and you feel your chances of landing the job are pretty good. The only problem is there are others with similar backgrounds and they know someone within the company. 
Chances of landing the the job: 30 - 40%

Pile #3: Know/Referred by Someone Within the Company - Here you stand the best chance of becoming employed. You want to believe we live in a objective world, but you don't. Who you know is more important than what you know. There may even be a few requirements you don't meet, but if you have a friend inside the organization vouch for you, all is waived. Human subjectivity rules, so when applying for a job try to get the inside track from someone you know. Trust me, the screening process works like this. 
Chances of landing the job: 70 - 80%

The power of your personal network is huge! The three piles are similar to cold, warm and hot leads. You should always start with your best chance for success. Next time you apply for a job, think about the three piles and where your chances lie. In today's economy, this can save you time and stress by increasing your chances for employment. Good luck and happy hunting!

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