October 20, 2011

Mind + Body Connection

Performance in sports is about 80% - 90% mental. Is work performance any different?
Athletes spend more time training and resting before they perform, what if you did the same?

Strong Mind + Strong Body = Strong Performance

As "Corporate Athletes", you and I need to train our mind and body if we want to perform at our highest level. Here's an easy way to remember how:

Visualize. Imagine your ideal outcome. What is your goal? What are you going towards? Positive thinking has a huge effect on our energy. What we choose to focus on usually happens. Add in routine breaks while you work so you can muster up short bursts of high quality productivity. Visualizing means reprogramming your mind towards the desired outcome.

Initiate. Your ability to manage (cope) your emotions will either drive or drain your energy. How will you respond to situations and circumstances that come your way? Ever see athletes listening to music before a big game? Music can be a "pre-routine" to calm yourself. Emotions exude in your body language; the way you carry yourself. Surround yourself with a support system of friends. To initiate means preparing yourself for the stress and unexpected ahead.

Perform. A combination of exercise, eating and sleeping habits (all physical). Did you know that working out in the morning actually boosts your mood for the next 12 hours? What you eat and when you eat adds to or takes away from your daily source of energy. Lastly, studies show you need 7 - 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night. That may seem impossible (especially if you have kids), but it's something to shoot for. Performance is the sum total of your preparation. (Remember to give your mind and body a break after 90 - 120 minutes of sustained activity or your productivity declines.)

Performance is all about managing your energy. V.I.P. (visualize, initiate, perform). How you prepare determines how you will perform. So start thinking and training like an athlete today!   

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