May 30, 2012

Hire Me L.A.

Why did you create it?

It's been challenging contacting recruiters as a service provider, but one day while I was planning a career fair, it hit me: "I should organize a hiring fair and invite recruiters to meet job seekers in person!" So there it is. Hire Me L.A. exists to provide jobs through recruiter/job seeker events. 

How does it work?

Companies send recruiters to man a table where job seekers introduce themselves and submit their resumes. Recruiters get a chance to hear why they should hire a potential worker and get to interact with them through a speed interview. Job seekers get an opportunity to make a first impression face-to-face which gives them an advantage over online applicants. Both recruiters and job seekers benefit from the different options (companies) and larger crowd (job seekers). Recruiters don't have to chase individual candidates. Job seekers can apply for several positions at various companies in one place. It's a win-win for both sides at this one-stop shop event.

What are the benefits of attending?

Recruiters: Instead of chasing candidates, join other companies and select the best from the crowd. What could take you a month to do you can accomplish in a day at Hire Me L.A.

Job Seekers: When else do you get the opportunity to meet recruiters from different companies in person? Most of the time your online application never makes it to HR. Increase your chances to make a lasting impression with recruiters at Hire Me L.A.

How Can I get involved?

Recruiters/Vendors/Sponsors/Volunteers: Future events are being planned, so please reach out soon to reserve your spot. We are looking for partners in other cities to launch in! Email for more details.

Job Seekers: The latest information and how to sign up is available at Hire Me L.A.

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