June 14, 2012

Startup Life Coach

Today's economy brings uncertainty, so instead of hoping a regular job will provide stability, many people are turning to start their own companies. 

I'm fortunate to be a part of a young entrepreneur community called Career Synergy. We get inspired by other's success stories and are focused on how to help each other. From aspiring to serial entrepreneurs, the best way to learn is to interact with those are are doing it. 
What if you're at that place where you are starting to scale and grow? You're multitasking doing strategy, leading and selling. How do you have enough time to juggle everything? Honestly, you can't. That's where a life coach can help

Zappos and Google have proved that business isn't just about products, but about creating an engaging, productive culture that attracts the best talent. Performance happens naturally when distractions are taken away. What once was seen as a "perk" is now very much a reality. 

A life coach at your company is similar to athletes hiring a personal trainer. The added support, accountability and perspective can be the difference between victory and defeat. Life coaches can be hired as independent contractors or employees, depending on your needs. Think of it like a proactive HR. Sitting down with a coach weekly or bi-monthly gives employees an opportunity to vent and problem solve with an objective voice. Imagine walking into a coach's office at the top of the hour, then leaving in a rejuvenated state less than 60 minutes later. Coaches can diffuse potential bombs before they reach HR.

Hiring a life coach shows your workers that you're invested in them. Motivational speakers are great, but a week later the effect has worn off. Setting goals with a life coach provides measurable results. Create a learning culture at your company by hiring a life coach!

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