April 10, 2013

People Detox

There comes a time in everyone's life when people will unexpectedly turn on you (no matter how popular you think you are).

It's happened to me a couple of times. It's hard to figure out in the moment, but in the "big scheme" of things it's meant to be. 

(Of course if this is a frequent occurrence then you're probably the source of the problem...)
This is not about stockpiling enemies, it's how you spend your time. 

People are by far the most valuable resource on the planet, so interact wisely.

The process of detoxing consists of flushing out the bad in order to maintain health.

We think of health as physical, but emotional and mental strength is just as important. 

A people detox consists of prioritizing your time spent with others. It's quality over quantity.

I'm not discouraging you to expand your network. I'm saying deepen it.

Life is short and you can't please everyone. The stronger stance you take on an issue, the greater the chance you'll offend someone (it's called honesty folks).

Relationships tend to travel in seasons. Intimacy can fluctuate over time. 

Think of a people detox as God's way of protecting you. Trust that who's in your life currently is how it's supposed to be. Things change because the future is impossible to fully control.

Don't worry about who you should or shouldn't connect with. Invest your heart and time into relationships and live with the outcome.

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