May 29, 2013

The Power of WE

Guest Post by Charles Lee
Human beings were meant to experience life together.

Life makes so much more sense when we come to a place to that we NEED others. No matter how different others may be in their worldview, cultural identity, and personal preferences, moving towards a mindset that says WE is better than ME is healthy.

G5 Leadership just released a new video, presentation, and discussion guide as a part of their research for a new book they’re writing. It’s absolutely FREE to download.

I hope you will take a moment to watch this video and visit their site for some great resources. Here’s a quick synopsis of the project from their founders, Steven Smith and David Marcum:
As part of research for a new book we’re writing, we noticed a societal decline in unity. You’ve probably noticed it too.
Politicians are divided with intractable positions. Enterprises and teams are territorial. Partners often appear to simply coexist. Families seem more separated, even when they’re together. There is a growing trend of me that divides we. We wanted to do our part to reverse the trend.
We created a video on the power of unity titled We. To spark a discussion, we produced three tools you can download that go with the video:
  1. A discussion guide to build a stronger culture of we where you work.
  2. A PowerPoint presentation for the discussion guide, including the video.
  3. A handout for people who attend the session.
We hope the discussion makes a difference, wherever we matters to you.

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