June 19, 2013

Turning a Weakness into a Strength

During an interview, how do you answer the question, "What is your biggest weakness?"

It sounds like a setup, but it doesn't need to be...here's how to flip it:

Turn your perceived weakness into a strength
Here's my personal example: "I'm impatient.

"I prefer to move fast, so it frustrates me when I work with others who hold me up. I like to make progress, so when I feel like those I'm working with aren't as committed to winning as I am, I start to do more. I understand not everyone is going to see things the way I do, but I'm very driven to achieve quickly."

See what I did there? I took a "weakness" and made it sound like an admirable strength. This nice thing is you can prepare for it. This type of answer can be used in most situations. Beneath it all, the interviewer wants to know if you have the confidence to get the job done. Your employer can teach you the skills needed, but your tenacity towards completing the task is innate. 

My advice to you is when you're asked this question, don't cower under it, be prepared and attack it! 

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