January 26, 2010

Go To Your Happy Place

This isn't a Happy Gilmore reference, but notes from a talk by Happiness Guru and Harvard Professor, Shawn Achor. Who knew Happiness was the precursor to success?

Social Support
In order to be successful you need a network of family and friends to support you during challenges - because you WILL fail.
Facebook, Twitter & Linked-In are popular because of your innate desire to connect.

Take it a step further and build/strengthen
your face-to-face connections.
Nothing GREAT is accomplished alone and people open doors that we can't.

Be a Catalyst

Happiness starts with you.
How can you expect to spread happiness if you aren't happy yourself?

The positive changes you make create a "ripple effect" that creates cultural change
(ex. grassroots movements).
Smiles are contagious, just try it!

Cope with Hope

Bad things happen to everyone, but it's how you respond that reveals your true character.

Learn to control your "self-talk."

No one is harder on yourself than YOU!

Shawn Achor suggests creating a gratitude journal by writing 3 things you are thankful for daily. If you do this for 21 days in a row it becomes a life habit!

Positive Psychology links mindset to performance.
We choose how we view the world.
Companies such as Google, Zappos and Disney create fun environments where employees are engaged at work.

Social support, being a catalyst and improving your ability to cope are three ways to be more happy and productive!

Are YOU ready to make Positive Changes?

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