January 12, 2010

Up In The Air

In this movie, George Clooney was hired to let people go. During our recession, it makes us ponder: What's important? What should I expect? Let's take a look at some lessons we can learn from this picture:

1) What's in your Backpack?
This was an analogy about what we carry with us. Life can be heavy and sometimes we need to discard the "junk." Figure out what's important to you, focus on those things, then dump the rest.

2) Make Connections.
We live in a technologically connected, socially disconnected world. For example, we rob ourselves of intimacy by texting and talking on our cell phones during conversations with people in front of us! Connections are quality relationships. They take time and involve risk.

3) Overcome Obstacles.
This week I've talked to many friends and colleagues who are much wiser and more experienced than I am. They all agree the uncertainty of our economy is scary. Most of us need to be focusing on Plan B in order to survive. It's inevitable that you're going to deal with obstacles - the question is, "How will you proceed forward?"

Up In The Air is about dealing with uncertainty. We need to unload some baggage, ask for the support of others and face reality. Take some time to prioritize your life and recruit a listening ear to help you cope and move forward.

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