April 12, 2010

How to Follow-Up

How do you stay ahead in this vastly interconnected world? Make sure you effectively follow-up! Here are three tips to help you pursue contacts more efficiently:

1) Keep your Word

If you say you're going to contact someone, do it! Don't use words lightly. Say what you intend to do and follow-through with action. Your word shapes your reputation.

2) Pursue Respectfully

When you propose an idea and are told "no", it could mean "not right now" or "revise it." Don't take rejection personally. Perseverance is key. The next time you are turned away, ask if you can follow-up at a later date.
3) Track your Steps
No matter how great your memory is, you need a tracking system. I track when and how I interact with each of my contacts in an excel document. This reminds me who I need to follow-up with and when. Create your own tracking system so you can follow-up effectively.
Follow-up is an essential skill. It multiplies your chances to succeed! Strive to be known as: tenacious, a go-getter and persevering! 

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