April 19, 2010

Should Companies Train like Athletes?

How would training like an athlete affect your performance at work? Did you know productivity is linked to your body and emotions? Let's look at how physical, emotional and mental energy determines your peak performance:
1) Physical
Your body is your fundamental source of energy. How you treat it determines how you will perform. Try exercising 30 minutes daily (preferably in the morning), eating healthy and sleeping 7+ hours each night. Your endurance will skyrocket immediately!

2) Emotional

How you manage your emotions either drives or drains your energy. Athletes use music as a pre-routine to calm them. Be aware of your body language; it illustrates your confidence level. Strengthen close relationships and it will add to your positive energy.
3) Mental
Your mind utilizes the available energy from your physical and emotional state. Enhance focus by visualizing your desired outcome. Think positive thoughts as it actually reprograms your mind. While working include taking short breaks each 90 - 120 minutes for mental recovery and to sharpen focus. 
Athletes spend a tremendous amount of time training and resting to promote peak performance. Experts point to lack of recovery (rest), not stress, as the main culprit of poor execution. Next time try training your body, emotions and mind like an athlete for optimal results!

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