August 1, 2010

Aim to Dominate

How has the recession altered your dreams? Do you put more focus on surviving than thriving? Are you more likely to settle vs. fight?
How would positively adjusting your target affect the outcome?

Let's look at a couple examples...
In sports, there needs to be dominant player/team to create excitement. The favorite becomes the bulls-eye. When sports lack a premier attraction, nobody cares to watch.
In business, there's a leader in every industry. You are either being chased or chasing the frontrunner. Competition breeds success and innovation.
Maybe during these challenging economic times you need to re-evaluate your target. Be realistic, but aim high. Never apologize for having high standards.
The more motivated you are towards being the best - the better chance you have to succeed.
It all starts with defining your target...
What are YOU aiming for?

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