September 27, 2010

How To Get A Raise

One of my favorite success stories happened with a client a few years ago. Initially, she was skeptical, but 5 months later she became one of my biggest advocates. Here is how she got her raise in 5 steps:
1) Shut Your Mouth
Nobody likes a complainer, especially your boss. If you feel you deserve a pay raise, you're going to have to prove it with your actions, not your mouth.
2) Work Hard
Actions speak louder than words. Your results and work ethic are your active resume. Do your work better, faster and push yourself.
3) Ask For More
More work precedes more money. Start by asking for more responsibility. Check with your current supervisor. Volunteer for another department. Use your time wisely, because you're always being watched.
4) Prove Your Worth
Stand out from the crowd. Give your boss a reason to look at you. Work for the job you want, not the job you have. Show you can handle the next level. Don't expect better compensation until you prove it.
5) Approach Your Boss
After at least a month, you now have the credibility to set up an appointment with your supervisor. Share with him/her how much you want the promotion and highlight what you have accomplished. Do research and present a proposed increase in salary and explain why you deserve it.
There's no guarantees, but this process worked before my eyes. Proving yourself before opening your mouth is always a good strategy. 
Any thoughts? Experiences? Please share!


  1. I like working hard and being promoted by my supervisor, yeah!, How I did it?
    1.- Saving time, Always I said that the most powerfull weapon in Earth is the time.
    2.- Making friends, When you also have a good friends, you can work perfectly making the day!
    3.- Being honorable with work and stuff, that make you the take of consciousness .

  2. Great stuff! Saving time & making friends always help. Congratulations on your promotion!


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