September 8, 2010

Is Now a Good Time to Start a Business?

Speaking from experience, it's been much tougher than I expected to launch and sustain a successful business. I was told the difference between a business and a hobby is profit. (If that's the case, mine's looking more like a hobby as of now). Yes, I'm strong willed and hopeful, and you can't argue what some of the "experts" have stated in the article. The resounding theme I keep hearing is there are great opportunities to be seized with the lack of competition. How come no one taught marketing in college? 

I'll continue to push ahead, depending on relationship marketing and faith. If belief and vision have anything to do with it, I'll have more than I can handle and will need to call in help for the abundance in the future. 

Right now, I'll focus on today. Doing my best to stay afloat and making sure I'm rowing, not drifting in this sea of recesssion.

I'm curious to hear from other entrepreneurs...what's your journey been like?

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