March 27, 2011

Life After College Book by Jenny Blake

So you've graduated from college and ready to enter the real what?!

Jenny Blake, Career Development Program Manager & Life Coach at Google, points out how at each level through college we have an adviser to help us succeed. Yet "life after college" we're officially on our own.   

In her book, she shares her own journey and challenges of going through a "quarter life crisis" and gives practical suggestions in the following areas: life, work, money, home, organization, friends/family, dating/relationships, health, fun/relaxation & personal growth. (What doesn't she cover?!)

Jenny's book is refreshing because it's written as a journal of stories and recommendations. Ultimately, there's no road map for the real world, but this is as close as it's going to get.

As a coach myself, I appreciate how Jenny has opened herself up and shared a great resource that you can actually write in and use to track your own progress. When reading her book, it feels very personal, like having a life coach talk you through the steps.

Besides writing a great book, I've had the chance to speak with Jenny before and she's an even nicer person. For all you people in L.A., she's actually coming to speak at Career Synergy in Santa Monica on June 14 @ 7 PM. If you want to be on the invitee list, shoot me an e-mail at: 


  1. Experience is the greatest teacher of all. This looks to be an interesting read. I guess one of these weekends I'll look this up, and immerse myself into it.

  2. Very true Steven! Jenny is a friend and I highly recommend you checking her book out.


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