March 7, 2011

Sticks & Stones WILL break your bones...

Words are powerful. 
Did you know that your behavior is a direct result of your thoughts and feelings?

Thoughts = Feelings = Action(s)

Everything can be traced back to your thoughts. How you manage your thoughts determines how successful you are. The majority of your thoughts come from self-talk
What are you saying to yourself?

Confidence is sensed through observation. It's in the way you walk. The way you talk. It's even in your body language. Why is that? It's because your behaviors link directly to your thoughts. Sure there are exceptions. For example, a narcissist overcompensates for his insecurity. Yet in most cases what your hear influences how you act. 

If you are told at work, you are lazy, you'll probably act lazy. 
If you're praised for working hard, most likely you'll continue to work hard.

Whether you're an entrepreneur, worker or student, what you fill your brain with will eventually ooze out in your behavior. Studies show that it takes a 5 to 1 positive to negative comment ratio to view yourself in a favorable light. Sounds like you better start caring about work environment and who you surround yourself with!  

Today, make the choice to focus on your strengths. 
Better yet, positively affirm someone else.

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  1. Great Insights Scott!

    All failed Relationships, Conversations, Agreements and Unmet Expectations stem from failed Conversations with Self. When we learn how to ask ourselves better questions, we get better answers and when we get better answers we make better choices.

    Our "Very Cool and Wise Creator" © established creation on the law of cause and affect. The stuff we allow entrance into our minds and hearts, establish our thinking and beliefs, which cause us to speak, to choose, to behave in certain ways, thereby activating the cause and creating an effect.

    It is therefore vital that we align our thinking and beliefs with his so that the effect we get is one we desire.

    Think about it like this: The response, results, effects we get in our lives is literally the meaning of our communications.

    Unplug from the knowledge of good and evil and re-connect with your "Very Cool and Wise Creator"© and watch your choices and behavior create what you desire

    We Choose . . . . so

    Expect Results,

    Les Dossey
    Chief Man in Charge


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