May 16, 2011

The 30 Day Entrepreneur Challenge: Focus on Your Strengths

Last week we started by setting the vision and goals for your business. Now it's time to start working towards making your vision a reality. 

The most successful people in any industry do one or two things really well, then delegate the rest. Being balanced, or a jack of all trades, is a myth. No one wants to hire a generalist. Customers want specialists. 
How do you identify your strengths? If you don't know what they are, I'd suggest taking the StrengthsFinder assessment. In only 30 minutes, this online test reveals your top 5 strengths which become the essence of your brand. Think of your strengths as the "means" to accomplish your goals.

Strengths also become part of your core values. Strengths are based on who you are, not just what you do. Your mind is the most powerful tool you have so what you choose to focus on usually comes to fruition. That means if you dwell on your weaknesses, you will probably fail. If you focus on your strengths, you will most likely succeed. 

Think of your mind as the rudder of a ship. It controls your direction, attitude and actions. Today you have the choice to focus on your weaknesses or your strengths, which one will you choose? 

Need help identifying or developing your strengths? Contact Scott and he'll coach you through the process.


  1. Thanks for this article..... It's so true.

  2. Glad you enjoyed it! What company are you CEO of?

  3. Scott, as usual a great post. You've explained important ideas concisely. It's so helpful that you bring people back to their strengths and give suggestions for how to find them if someone doesn't know their own.

    We're a culture that often stresses the negative. It's easy for people to focus on their weaknesses. And, that focus as the rudder of one's ship is a disaster. Strengths are a powerful rudder. Weakness a broken one.

  4. Thanks Carol! Yes, we have a choice to focus on the negative or positive. A lot of times, when we fail it's because of self-prophesy. What you visualize happening usually happens.


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