May 23, 2011

The 30 Day Entrepreneur Challenge: The Need for Accountability

Most entrepreneurs aren't short on ideas. The problem is acting on them. It's easy to daydream about possibilities without making any progress. 

Entrepreneurs tend to work in isolation and lack the incentive to finish their goals. 
Enter accountability. The first time I experienced accountability was in a coaching relationship. I felt this need to complete my goals before I talked with my coach. Maybe it was fear of letting him down, yet no matter the motivation, the important part is my goals were achieved.  

Here are some suggestions for creating accountability in your life:

Mastermind Groups
Group accountability not only motivates you to accomplish your goals, but collaborating and brainstorming together can produce sharper, more refined ideas. Mastermind groups create structure by having an agenda and sticking to it. Without structure, you accomplish nothing. Most Masterminds are paid groups offered through an organization. 

Individual Coaching
If you're ready to really start moving, find yourself a personal coach. You set the agenda, pace and goals while the coach keeps you accountable for doing what you say. Think of it like having a personal trainer for your mind. A coach encourages you to step out of your comfort zone and challenges you to be your best. Look for a certified coach and ask for an initial free session to test the chemistry between you two. 

Find a Mentor
Maybe your cheapest option, but probably the hardest to find. Instead of looking for the perfect one, find multiple mentors specializing in different areas. A mentor speaks wisdom into you and helps you avoid pitfalls. Ask your mentor to keep you accountable and be honest about what you expect of them. Stay hungry, be eager to learn and do your best to accommodate to their schedule. A mentor may not charge, but their time is invaluable.

Notice "friend" wasn't listed here. Professional accountability is better. The more serious you are about accomplishing your goals, the more serious you need to look for accountability. Remember, iron sharpens iron and nothing great is accomplished alone. 

If you're interested in monthly group or individual coaching, please contact Scott.

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