June 5, 2011

Freelancer 2.0

The economy has a funny way of testing your career agility. Once you create a plan for yourself, some uncontrollable circumstances nudge you to change, but ultimately it's your choice. Being flexible is responding to your environment, not succumbing to the pressure.

Recently, I've encountered some of those changes in my career and want to share my insight to give you a new perspective on moving forward.

The model has shifted. It's difficult to be a sole proprietor and be financially thriving. Most entrepreneurs start their own business with the intention to make more money on their own, rather than under someone else. The flexibility of being your own boss is great, but the inconsistent cash flow is rough. I believe the new model consists of juggling a stable position, while learning to scale your business in your spare time.

Scaling comes in different forms:


Instead of spending time explaining each of them, think how you can take yourself out of your business. That's right. What changes can you make so your business isn't dependent on you?

This isn't an overnight process, but more of a shift from thinking like a "technician" to a "franchisee." If you want to grow your business, you can't be involved in every move. It's not for everyone, but the tension of having limited time forces you to become more limber and innovative

Personally I'm enjoying facing this challenge right now. I hope to experience new lessons and growth that can help me succeed in the future. Personal and business growth only happen when you're willing to be uncomfortable and change what is comfortable for the greater good. Freelancer 2.0 is a new model that juggles a full-time job and a business efficiently and effectively.

Are you ready to be a Freelancer 2.0?

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