June 30, 2011

How Powerful is Group Accountability?

Very powerful. Like Barry Bonds on steroids powerful...

Group accountability provides the added incentive to do what you say. It's easy to let yourself down, but it's much harder to let a group down. (Picture LeBron James here) Use positive tension to push you to be your best. Accountability is extra motivation to finish what you started.

Where else will you receive objective feedback? Tough love is not what you want to hear, it's what you need to hear. Sure, you may think your idea is great, but ask others what they think. Collaboration is also key to refining your ideas and revealing your "blind spot(s)." Listen to different perspectives and be open to critiques. Think, a group of peer mentors.

Results are what matters. Group accountability helps you accomplish your goals faster and more consistently. You are not short of ideas, but it's challenging to implement them. Sure, you need time to imagine, analyze and ponder, but don't let opportunity slip through the cracks by waiting too long. Those who procrastinate...(you can finish the sentence yourself). I'm just saying... 

So how do you find group accountability? Well, you can gather a bunch of friends together or you can join a Synergy Group (a form of a mastermind group). Group accountability is about commitment. Commitment is found with like-minded individuals. Don't wait! Your window of opportunity is closing...

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  1. Great post! I couldn't agree more. Due to willful blindness, self-sabotage and many other things, if we don't make our goals public and subsequently become accountable to someone other than ourselves, we end up spinning our tires or convincing ourselves that we're doing better than we really are.

  2. Glad you enjoyed it Bassam! When we put our goals out there for others to see, we're asking others to help us make them a reality. It's easy to let ourselves down, but more difficult to let others. No matter the motivation, it's about getting it done!


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