December 12, 2011

Why is Growth so Painful?

Look a plant's life cycle. Each season parts die and/or are "pruned" in order to grow. Humans aren't much different. In order for you and I to grow, we have to be willing to be "pruned" in certain ways also.
Change is uncomfortable. We want to know what's next. The unknown scares us. Take for example this recession. Economic stability is fleeting. What job is really safe anymore? 

We are creatures of habit. When traveling in uncharted territory, we feel lost. We thrive on routine and when that is broken, sometimes so are we. Think of all the traditions you celebrate. It's hard to imagine our lives without it. Tradition isn't a bad thing, but have you ever questioned it's purpose? Constant evaluation is key.

Growth is hard. Take for instance strength training. Your muscles need to be challenged beyond what they're used to in order to slightly tear. These tears make us sore, but without them muscle can't be built. Growth is a long process. It takes perseverance and drive. 

Growth starts with you. It begins with your attitude. You have to be willing to hear constructive feedback (yes, that means potentially negative comments) and accept it. Take responsibility and be your own catalyst for growth. Be willing to uncomfortable, break tradition and be patient knowing that in the end growth is a long-term investment. How will you challenge yourself to grow in 2012?

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