October 10, 2012

Go With The Wind

In golf, the absolute worst condition to play in is when it's windy. Rain, heat or cold can be uncomfortable, but wind absolutely challenges your skill level.

Since playing golf is frequently compared to life, what happens to you in "windy" conditions?
How many times have your plans been completely rerouted? Life is more about how you respond to your circumstances than how much control you have over them.

Take for example relationships. Sometimes you want so badly for a relationship to work out you do everything you can. Yet if it was meant to be, it shouldn't be that hard. That's not saying you won't have bumps along the way, but if your goal is to make things work regardless, most likely you're forcing it. Relationships are a lot of give and take, so when unforeseen circumstances blow your way, you should step back, look at the situation objectively and evaluate what's really going on. 

The same applies to your career. You might be applying for jobs and not getting what you want. It's frustrating, but maybe where you are is exactly where you're supposed to be. What can you learn from your current situation that you can take to your next destination? Your dream job could be eluding you because something better is out there. Keep networking, applying and looking. When the time is right, you'll know it. 

Sure, this is a bit optimistic in mindset, yet the alternative is fighting with the wind daily and losing. Going with the wind isn't sitting on your butt waiting for lighting to strike, instead it's taking everything into perspective while navigating ahead. You and I like to be in control. We prefer to plan our routine. Yet, how many times do things actually go according to plan? 

My challenge to you is make plans, but be willing to change them based on current circumstances. Life isn't about what happens to you, but how you respond to it. Historically the wind is undefeated, so see where it's blowing and ride it to your destiny. 

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