October 17, 2012

TV Teaches Me About Risk

Guest post by Jeff Okita
In most dramatic stories, the level of intensity rarely stays high for the entire show. If it did, the viewer would become fatigued and there would never be a climax to look forward to. Stories need dips so the audience can better appreciate the peaks. Put it all together and the contrast creates the overall excitement and anticipation for what's next.
Replace the X axis (horizontal) with "time" and the Y axis with "challenges." The up and down movement currently represents my life. I live a high-risk, high-reward lifestyle. The juggling of various responsibilities is a burden I welcome. I've learned a ton over the past 3 years, pushed myself a lot, but wonder if stability would have been a better choice for me.

Entrepreneurs have to embrace risk, like it's a good friend. Maybe risk should be coupled with periods of stability, yet the troughs give you time to heal and mentally prepare yourself for the risk-taking peaks. Only then can we truly appreciate the risks.

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