February 13, 2013

Don't Organize, Prioritize

How do you make decisions?

Every day decisions, such as: what to wear, eat and do probably don't take much thought.

But what about those more important decisions? 

What factors do you weigh? 

What process helps eliminate possibilities and choose the best option?
This isn't something you'll achieve overnight, it's really a personal decision that takes some "internal excavation" and reflection.

Sometimes in order to start the process, an example can help get you going.

I can't speak for you, but let me share my "5 F's" that help guide my life's decisions:


I put them in order of importance because prioritizing based on what's most important helps me make the best possible decision in lieu of circumstances. 

The bigger the decision, the more I rely on my "5 F's" for direction.

Making important decisions is more than just a random flip of a coin. It affects your future.

What are your priorities?

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