February 27, 2013

More Than a Connection

To succeed in today's world it's more about who you know than what you know.

Why? Because our society is interconnected so your social capital matters.

This doesn't necessarily mean the more friends you have on Facebook, followers on Twitter or connections on LinkedIn increases your chances to land your dream job (although it doesn't hurt).

Remember though a connection is simply a contact. That could mean you went to high school with them, met at a network event or found them online.
Challenge yourself to go deeper than that. 

Think quality over quantity. It's less about "how many" and more about "how well." 

As a naturally more introverted person, I used to think it was about passing out business cards or being a Chamber of Commerce member.

It wasn't until shifting my mindset from "networking" to "relationships" that things changed.

If you're "networking" there's pressure to sell yourself quickly.

If you're "building relationships" the focus is more about getting to know the person and strengthening the bond over time

If you want to start making "friends" instead of "contacts," be more concerned about giving than getting. 

Over time your investment will pay off...because a friend is more than a connection can ever be.

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